XVim - Vim keybind for XCode

Sorry for waiting! Here's finally a alpha version of Vim keybinding for XCode4!

All the information about XVim has moved to github page.

You can download the package and source code from there.

For Japanese Users

すべてのXVimに関する情報はgithubに移動しましたした。github page


Update Information

I announce all the new release of XVim via twitter.


If you think the plugin is useful please donate. Since I do not intend make money from this project I decided to donate all the donation to this project to the people who are suffering from the damage of Tohoku earthquake and tsunami in 2011 in Japan.

To reduce fee of trasfer please donate directly through Paypal donation site below.


Since no messages are sent to me(us) when you donate from above it is appreciated to write a message on Message Board. It will really motivate me(us)!

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